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Our Ministry DNA

We are a collegiate ministry from the BCNM here to reach out to the New Mexico Highlands University community. What distinguishes our ministry is our specific focus on one to one discipleship. We believe that spending more time in conversations about the gospel, rather than larger events, will lead to a greater lasting impact of the Word of God in the lives of students.


Our Mission

Tuning each other's hearts to match God's HEART so that together we can join in His work in the world.

Our Heart

HONEST WORSHIP - We are to worship God in the good times and the bad, and we are to do so in truth. We encourage an honest walk with Christ.

EQUIPPING FOR LIFE - While there is a lot of fun to be had, we seek to provide the tools necessary for believers to whole-heartedly follow Christ.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY - God made us to work together. We seek to pursue the Lord well, with our students helping shape the community around us after God's design.

REPRODUCE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS - We believe that the only hope in life and death is to belong to Jesus. We are committed to sharing the Gospel, and training others to do so.

TRANSFORMED BY GRACE - None of us can pursue Christ until we understand the necessity of His grace toward us. We desire to build our community around knowing growth comes from grace.

Desk Globe



God has designed us to each engage in a relationship with Him. Much of our ministry is focused on one-on-one discipleship. Where we seek to best know Christ on an individual level. 


While we do a normal worship service, we focus much of our time on preparing students to follow Christ outside of those settings. In addition to one-on-one discipleship, we also do campus evangelism.


We also know that we are not made simply within our own community bubble. It is God's desire to bring people from every tribe, culture, and nation into His Kingdom. With this in mind, we eagerly pursue overseas projects.

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