H - Honest Worship - Romans 12:1

E - Equipping for Life - Ephesians 4:11-13

A - Authentic Community - Acts 2:42-47

R - Reproducing Followers of Jesus - Matthew 28:19-20

T - Transformed by Grace - Ephesians 2:8-9

Honest Worship: We seek to provide an environment where people can come before God, open and honest. Worship is about everything in our lives being offered to God, not simply the good times. We want our ministry to be all about honesty.

Equipping for Life: Often it is easy to approach ministry simply thinking of how to entertain people the most. Our end goal for students who are a part of this ministry isn't simply that they would enjoy their time here (though we want that as well) but that they would be equipped to follow Christ well in whatever environment they find themselves the rest of their lives.

Authentic Community: We believe that God has designed us to be a community, so we strive to be as authentic of a community as we can. We want to holistically live life together as we pursue Christ. 

Reproducing Followers of Christ: We believe that the only hope in life and death is by being in a relationship with God provided by God the Son, Jesus. We want to be a community committed to proclaiming the truths of Christ as we should, both accurately and consistently. 

Transformed by Grace: None of us are capable of solving the problem of our separation from God by working for our salvation. If we can't, then we want to have an environment where people understand that transformation in Christ requires us to freely enjoy His grace in our lives. Grace provides salvation which results in the work of God.